• GVS: Industrial Vacuum Loader
  • Hydraulic Vibrator on Collector Body.
  • Vacuum Blower Temperature Gauge.
  • Liquid Level Indicator
  • Debris body Safety Prop.
  • Rear Porthole with Deflector.
  • Rear port hose assembly
  • Toolbox
  • Air Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Manual Vacuum Relief Valve
  • 6″ diameter rear knife gate drain valve
  • Positive Displacement Hibon 8702 Vacuum Pump, 5250 cfm 27”Hg
  • High Efficiency Exhaust Silencer.
  • Heavy Duty NAMCO Transfer Case with Manual Shifting.
  • Single Stage Filtration for Wet or Dry
  • 16 cu. yd. Clean Bore Collector Body with full opening rear door constructed of 1/4″ Steel.
  • Baghouse and Separator Storage Constructed of 1/4″ Steel.
  • Access Doors for Baghouse and Separator Storage Areas.
  • Bolt-on Steel Side Chutes for Baghouse and Separator Unloading with Payload.
  • Sixty (60) Acrylic Coated Snap Ring Filter Bags.
  • Filter Bag Pulsing system
  • Final Filter Screen at Vacuum Pump Inlet.
  • Two (2) Hinge full opening rear door
  • Wiring Harness.
  • 14″ Stainless Steel Float Ball Shut-off.
  • Automatic Disengagement of Speedometer/Odometer in Vacuum Mode.
  • Hydraulically Raised and Lowered Full Opening Rear Door with Hydraulic Latch System.
  • Hydraulic Tank with Sight and Temperature Gauge.
  • Rear Door Support. -Patent Pending self-engaging safety prop
  • Dump Tube Doors – Open/close with door
  • Fold Out Ladder on Curb Side.
  • Platform Between Body Ladder and Baghouse Area.
  • DOT Approved Light Package.
  • Single Acting Telescopic Dump Cylinder – 30° Dump Angle.
  • Fenders and Rear Mud Flaps on Rear Axles.
  • NEMA 4 Watertight Control Panel.
  • Engine Throttle and Hydraulic Controls at Operator Station.
  • Body raised alarm
  • Grounding reel
  • E-Stop button