“Ryan, I wanted to reach out and tell you a little story. We’re just now getting back home from installing those 5 carbon cans at the customers site in Oklahoma @ TransCanada. I have to tell you that not only was Miller extremely impressed (again) with the quality, workmanship and design of the cans, but our customer was as well. They brought in several big shots from corporate to see the installation, everyone was taking pictures with the cans on site, it was actually very funny. They couldn’t keep their hands off them. Everyone loved them. When I get copies of the pictures i will forward them over.

For GVS to take time out of its normal bread and butter operations to take on a small side project like these cans and their bracing system, it really means a lot to me and Miller. You built an incredible product for us and we are thankful. The quality is top notch, the paint is impeccable, the service was amazing, the schedule was right on time and your team of employees were very helpful. You as the sales guy, dealing with all our changes, Imran helping with design changes, Mike P in the shop staying late to allow me time to arrive and pick them up and all other team members involved behind the scenes – please know it’s appreciated.

I look forward to more projects together in the future. Thanks again! HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

Michael Cringole, Project Manager
Vapor Control Services | The Miller Group